Walk on Map

Owner: Eli Jacobson, industrial designer.

Brand/ start up name: Walk on Map

Product: Flip-flops with city maps on them.

Type of organization: individual firm.

When and how did the project originate? I went back to Israel after a long stay in Milan. I opened a design studio dealing with project services. On the hundredth anniversary of Tel Aviv I wanted to create a product that mirrored the spirit of the city: its colours, rhythm and humour.

How much did you invest to start the company? 8000 Euros

Who invested the money? Myself

How far have you gone with the project? After its success in Tel Aviv I obtained the copyright to use the official map of New York, and started to export to the USA. At the moment I’m working on customer-made orders and on new projects.

When did you understand that the project had overcome the ideational phase and had become a product? In the moment in which I had the idea I already knew it was doable and I started to look for suppliers and factories for the production.

Has there been a moment when you wanted to give up? No, there hasn’t.

What is your advice for young design entrepreneurs? You have to think about simple productions, never neglect marketing, branding and selling at the beginning. To have only a good idea is not enough. The success of your product depends on your ability to produce a finished product, distribute it and sell it at the right price.


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