Luka Knezevic Strika for Sinestezija

This year’s Festival Sinestezija continued to spread creative energy, this time exploring the ‘Exotica’ theme. This year’s fest outlasted the 2011’s by three days and the program included exhibitions, performances, workshops, multimedia shows, music concerts. It completely transformed the Old town of Herceg Novi into an  exotic playground, with guests from Montenegro and the whole… Continua a leggere Luka Knezevic Strika for Sinestezija

Walk on Map

[catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Owner: Eli Jacobson, industrial designer. Brand/ start up name: Walk on Map Product: Flip-flops with city maps on them. Type of organization: individual firm. When and how did the project originate? I went back to Israel after a long stay in Milan. I opened a design studio dealing with project services. On the… Continua a leggere Walk on Map

Studio Ve

[catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Owner: Shai Carmon (34 anni), Ben Klinger (28 anni), both gradued. Brand/start up name: Studio Ve. Product: We are a design studio. Our first project was a wall clock. Type of organization: We deal with all the different phases of the process, from the idea, to the production, marketing and distribution. We… Continua a leggere Studio Ve

Studio Itai Bar-On

[catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Owner: Itai e Aharon Bar On Brand/ start up name: Studio Itai Bar-On Product: Coating, furniture and lighting systems made to measure, especially made of concrete. Type of organization: Family firm. Partners: CEO Aviram Bar On; assembling responsible: Idan Bar On When and how did the project originate?  I had the idea… Continua a leggere Studio Itai Bar-On


[catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Owner: Nimrod Riccardo Sapir, Industrial Designer Brand/start up name:  MYWAY EV LTD Product: Electric Foldable Scooter. Type of organization: Limited series production. We are working on a second edition of scooters. Partners: Oran Walach, MBA in economics and marketing, and Mr. Dov Meirzon, mechanical engineer. When and how did the project originate? After I… Continua a leggere Myway

Guy Mishaly design studio

[catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Owner: Guy Mishaly Brand/start up name: Guy Mishaly design studio Product: Blast chair by explosion. When and how did the project originate? The studio was established 1 year ago, right after I graduated the product design studies at the Bezalel Academy of arts and design, in Jerusalem, Israel.
The studio focuses on designing… Continua a leggere Guy Mishaly design studio


[catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Brand/start up name: Greenbo Product: Innovative products for gardening. Our first product is a vase-flower box for balcony balustrades. Type of organization: Design start-up. The company was born three years ago. It produces and markets its products in Israel and abroad. The partners are: Maya Golan, a lawyer who deals with the… Continua a leggere Greenbo

Gaga & Design

[:en][catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Owner: Yaacov Kaufman, retired design professor at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem; Avi Bourla (over 50) furniture importer and owner of furniture shop Primitive in Tel Aviv. Brand/start up name: Gaga & Design Product: Contemporary furniture for interiors and exteriors. Type of organization: Design start-up. The project studio is in Tel… Continua a leggere Gaga & Design


[catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Owner: Gal Ben Arav, industrial designer laureato alla Bezalel Academy of Art & Design (34 anni). Brand/ start up name: Freshdesign Product: Sustainable urban furniture in limited series. Type of organization: Individual firm. When and how did the project originate? My production was born out of my final dissertation project. The bamboo… Continua a leggere Freshdesign

Earthquake proof table

[catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Owner: Ido Bruno, professore di industrial design; Arthur Brutter, industrial designer. Brand/start up name: Earthquake Proof Table Product: We sell the rights to produce and market our tables both in Israel and in the world. Type of organization: It’s a mixed structure, between a start-up and a development and marketing platform for… Continua a leggere Earthquake proof table