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Pad Issue #13: 2016|12

Selected projects in the ADI Design Index 2017 for the section “Theoretical, historical, critical research and publishing projects”.

PAD#13:Design for Territories
Which Design for which Territories? – Marina Parente – Carla Sedini

Design for Territories as reflective practice – Marina Parente
Milano, Zona Tortona. Understanding a place branding strategy built upon history, visions and design  – Carla Sedini – Luca Fois
Design Networking. Local systems of collaborative economies – Maria Antonietta Sbordone
Social oriented design for disused buildings. The case study of MR – Marco Borsotti – Sonia PistiddaTANGIBLE AND INTANGIBLE
Envision the nocturnal territory: Urban lighting as a design strategy for the recovery of places – Helena Gentili – Daria Casciani
À propos du Master 3D, Tunis 2013-17. Artisanat, design et territoire. La civilisation matérielle au pluriel – Anna Calvera, Debora Giorgi, Yosser Halloul, Insaf Khaled, Rosa Povedano
Territory and Aesthetic as tools for product design – José Luis González Cabrero, Ana Margarita Ávila Ochoa
The social representation of a territory – Letizia Bollini
Wayfinding Systems and Street Sign Design for the public streets and pedestrian areas of Egypt – Reham Mohsen, Andreas Sicklinger

A quality label for temporary reuse. Co-design practices – Raffaella Fagnoni, Silvia Pericu
Mapping the territory for cultural development. The methodological assumptions of Artificio Project – Rossana Gaddi
CampUS: co-designing spaces for urban agriculture with local communities -Davide Fassi, Laura Galluzzo, Annalinda De Rosa
The relevance of participation in the Systemic Design Approach for Rural – Miriam Bicocca

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