"Brain Forest Quipu" by Cecilia Vicuña, installation view at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, 2022. Courtesy of Hyundai Commision.


active call


June 20th, 2023

  • Post-domestic Habitat

    During the last three years, different crises, such as health, environmental, social, and economical crises, characterised the international debate on architecture and design (Antonelli and Rawsthorn 2022). The ecological issue (Sacchetti 2023), the Anthropocene (Rahm 2023) and animal exploitation (Caffo 2017) force us to redefine the meaning of “dwelling” in its deepest origins. The pervasiveness of new technologies in the domestic space, and more generally in interior places, has changed the use of these spaces (Colomina 2006). From the first breakthroughs of television screens, and computers, interiors are now under constant assault by the presence of social networks, video games, and artificial intelligence, which redefine its fields of action.

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