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Sabra made in Israel / Orit Freilich

An x ray of a prickly pear plant (fico d’india, tipicaly mediterrenean flora. in hebrew called “sabra” that is also meen a person that is an israeli native.
The plant is shown in a x ray photo with pins inserted in to it. in this case the prikly pear is not pungy or pricly as the thorns are directed inside. The metafora of the israelis as the prickly pear plant is willing to describe israelis as thorny on the surface but soft inside. Here the thorns are inverted from outside to inside willing to give a different image of the israeli native. The work is exposed in a lighting box with aluminiom frame. 2009

I studied fashion at Shenkar College of Engineering and design in Israel and at Margrethe Skolen for fashion and design, Copenhagen. Since 1987 to present I teach at the fashion design department at Shenkar. Alongside, I began developing an independent work criticizing the fashion industry which I was a part of.. I studied at the Midrasha school of art. I finished MA in Middlesax University, London. My main work is Xraying and scanning of objects as a way of searching further metaphysical presence in their representation.

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