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myshade / Alberto Guarriello

International Design Contest 2010
Product Design

First Prize

In Mediterranean Countries the intensive cultivation, the processing and industrial storage of tomatoes starts at the beginning of the last century and continues today.
Practiced mainly in Puglia, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Calabria and Sicily, Italy has a long tradition in this kind of cultivation; in fact our country is the third place in the world for the production and export of tomatoes. Harvesting is still done largely by hand and starts in July, for the earliest varieties, and goes on through August and September. The image of the fields during the hottest months of the year prompted me to reflect on the working conditions of men who are used to gather tomatoes. On one side, living in these particular places of Italy means to know all the dynamics that drive the economy of these areas but, on the other side, it shows how impossible is to control and regulate certain business activities. I imagined what it means working hours and hours in the direct sunlight without the support of a very organized structure and I thought about the way in which design and technology could help to improve working conditions in such a reality. An object designed to satisfy a need, an object like a working tool that could be hung on the wall next to the baskets and the boots at the end of the working day. An item designed to shelter from the sun that when worn will be able to create shadow and, at the same time, to capture the warm sunlight and convert it into energy used to power a small fan cooling.
A bent playwood frame ergonomic shaped tent at the top of the structure is used to shelter from the sun, a system of non- rigid photovoltaic cells that, integrated with a systems of microbatteries lithium, are capable of powering one or more small fans placed in the very structure intended to alleviate the sense of warmth received during the hottest hours of the day.


Alberto Guarriello, architect and designer, having shared a lot of project experiences with many study groups formed by designers from various European countries, has his office in Caserta where he associates a design work to a research and experimentation work together with the University of Naples “Parthenope” and others Universities of Naples in the field of Architecture and Design.

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