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Brakumo – Comfort Kit / Paolo Paladini

International Design Contest 2010
Product Design


Immigrants and the Mediterranean Sea: a desperate and indissoluble link that is somewhat disturbing for the wealthy society and at the same time something that inspires unease, fear of diversity, the unknown. People leaving behind their countries, crossing the desert, being detained and facing once more the perils of the desert in order to reach the Mediterranean Sea and, perhaps, the Italian coast one day. This is why it is important to provide immigrants who have just landed not only with medical but also psychological support to prevent them from feeling once more on the fringes of a society that is rejecting them. This social scenario can be changed with a simple gesture; the gesture of giving is undoubtedly the most symbolic and immediate one. Giving means opening up to others and listening in silence.
Brakumo is a comfort kit that includes a blanket, a pair of shoes and two boxes. Objects with a plain and essential design that strongly embody the gesture of breaking current patterns. The name of the kit is the transposition of the word “embrace” in Esperanto. Just as the author of this language hoped to establish a dialogue among people through a secondary simple language, our kit is an attempt to unhinge biases and welcome immigrants as people, regardless of their origins and past, with a warm and understanding embrace.
Every element of Brakumo has meaningful implications and symbolizes a gesture of opening towards anyone who has struggled to reach the Mediterranean coasts. Each object is manufactured with low cost materials, sometimes recycled, on purpose of strengthening the concept that giving is the primary gesture to subvert patterns. The kit we propose is an attempt to provide people who are suffering with a warm embrace through a gesture that can be interpreted as a tangible sign of welcome by anyone who has been rejected.

In 2001 Paolo Paladini starts Studio Paladini, an integrated technical studio that offers a wide range of expertise, from industrial to architectural design, from graphics to land and real estate management, from project management to legal and commercial consultancy. The studio is constantly engaged in the development of research and experimentation in collaboration with research institutions, companies, craftsmen, artists and national antique dealers.

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