[catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Owner: Gal Ben Arav, industrial designer laureato alla Bezalel Academy of Art & Design (34 anni). Brand/ start up name: Freshdesign Product: Sustainable urban furniture in limited series. Type of organization: Individual firm. When and how did the project originate? My production was born out of my final dissertation project. The bamboo… Continua a leggere Freshdesign

Earthquake proof table

[catlist name=start-up-design numberposts=-1] Owner: Ido Bruno, professore di industrial design; Arthur Brutter, industrial designer. Brand/start up name: Earthquake Proof Table Product: We sell the rights to produce and market our tables both in Israel and in the world. Type of organization: It’s a mixed structure, between a start-up and a development and marketing platform for… Continua a leggere Earthquake proof table

Design and Production in the Croatian Social Context

From the historical point of view, there has never been a continious relationship between the Croatian production sector and Croatian product designers. The situation we are facing today is more positive at the moment. On one side we have the renewal of collaboration between designers and the most successfull industries on the domestic market, and on the other, there are some young talented individuals who self produce and whose products have already been widely recognized as neccessary and valuable.

Food couture

Food Couture photo-collage exhibition was displayed within the “Agrindustrial 2012” congress’s exhibitions (26-28 April 2012, İzmir University of Economics). This exhibition showcases 23 works, including photographs drawn from some selected academic profiles. The exhibition has been brought together on the work of Dilek Himam’s designs, Argun Tanrıverdi’s photographs, Jörn Fröhlich’s visual display and concept designs, Şölen… Continua a leggere Food couture

Agrindustrial Design

The term “agrindustrial” was introduced in İzmir as the title of the 1st symposium in April 2005 for the first time, and anticipated the current lines of research as defined by the European Union. Today the issue of food and agriculture along with their related activities is one of the main subjects of scientific research, as defined in priority by Horizon 2020, the instrument of the European Commission to support research and innovation for the period 2014-2020. This article gives brief information about what has been done and experienced within the events based on the theme of ‘design in agricultural industries’ thus ‘agrindustrial design’.Il termine Agrindustrial è stato introdotto a Izmir come titolo di un primo congresso internazionale nell’aprile 2005, che ha anticipato le attuali linee di ricerca definite dall’Unione Europea. Oggi il problema del cibo e dell’agricoltura, con le relative attività connesse rappresenta uno dei principali temi della ricerca scientifica, come definito da Horizon 2020, lo strumento della Commissione Europea a supporto della ricerca e dell’innovazione per il periodo 2014-2020. Questo articolo fornisce alcune informazioni su quanto è stato fatto e sperimentato nell’ambito degli eventi riguardanti i temi del “design nelle industrie agricole” e del “design agroindustriale”.“Agrindustrial (tarıma dayalı sanayi)” terimi ilk kez İzmir’de Nisan 2005 tarihinde gerçekleştirilen birinci sempozyumun başlığında dile getirildi. Bu terim, Avrupa Birliği’nin tanımladığı araştırma alanlarının güncel çizgisini öngören de bir terim oldu. Bugün, Horizon 2020 (Avrupa Komisyonu’nun 2014-2020 dönemi için araştırma ve yeniliği destekleyen oluşumu) gıda ve tarım konusunu ilgili diğer aktiviteleri ile birlikte bilimsel araştırmanın ana konularından biri olarak tanımlamaktadır. Bu makale, “tarıma dayalı sanayilerde tasarım” yani “agrindustrial design” teması üzerine düzenlenen aktivitelerde neler yapıldığı, nelerin tecrübe edildiği üzerine genel bir bilgi sunmaktadır.

Fabio's eye 09

Preparing the issue n. 9 of PAD we asked Fabio Gambina for his intepretation of the Design & Production Today theme. His shots are characterized by an evocative language in some cases, and a descriptive on in others, while exploring some production processes in microelectronics. This is a photographic story made of partially out of… Continua a leggere Fabio's eye 09