The use of faces in Egyptian Graffiti

Psycho-social aspects and change of identity as post-revolutionary phenomenon{{1}} Abstract After the 2011 Revolution in Egypt it has been easy to observe the intensive use of graffiti spreading with a particular characteristics:  the use of faces in Graffiti. The faces are protesting images. The art styles are many, and the techniques are variable from drawing,… Continua a leggere The use of faces in Egyptian Graffiti

Design and new trends in temporary living for emergencies and nomadism

Abstract There is a long tradition of research, projects and experiments regarding the issue of temporary living. It is a very fertile field of reflection because it represents the intersection of practical needs with the aspiration, sometimes utopian, toward an extreme simplicity in living and an innate desire for freedom and exploration. Here, we will… Continua a leggere Design and new trends in temporary living for emergencies and nomadism

Social Design for the Mediterranean

Abstract The article is based on researches within the editorial activities at PAD Journal from 2008 to present, and deals with the organization of the Mediterranean Design contest in 2009 and 2010. The text presents a selection of projects developed in different contexts in the last years and focused on the social and political problems… Continua a leggere Social Design for the Mediterranean

The other seashore. Migrations to the South of the Mediterranean

Abstract Since the beginning of the French occupation of Algeria, by the middle of the nineteenth century, a large number of people from Spain, Italy and Malta, fleeing from poverty and hunger or as a result of political and social instability, headed the North African country in search of a better life. The melting-pot created… Continua a leggere The other seashore. Migrations to the South of the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Great Conversation

Abstract The exit from the Mediterranean emergency requires rethinking its identity in a new perspective. This means recognizing its legitimate role as a “Great Sea in Between”, as a cultural interface able to connect all the citizens that address to it, in everyday life and as individuals, involving them in a real “great conversation” based… Continua a leggere Mediterranean Great Conversation

Mediterranean Emergency: Design Against Disasters (DAD!)

Social, political and economic turmoil appear to be an on-going agony for the Mediterranean region, ever since, perhaps, the emergence of “Mare Nostrum” in Roman times. The issues we face today have always been present. However they have come to the surface differently in recent years and demand urgent responses in accordance with their new… Continua a leggere Mediterranean Emergency: Design Against Disasters (DAD!)

Editorial #11

PAD Issue #11 is online. This issue is completely dedicated to the Mediterranean design with interesting contributions coming from different authors living and working in the countries of this part of the world. Why are we addressing the topic of Mediterranean Emergency and Activism? Because the critical situation of the Mediterranean area, that in the… Continua a leggere Editorial #11

Ahimsa: Showing Kindness to Dresses

A recent conceptual fashion design exhibition Ahimsa has been displayed as a critical response against the rapacious growth of the fast fashion system through its means of production, design and consumption. The exhibition’s importance comes not only from positioning ethical fashion within the conceptual fashion design practice, but also from its status as the first critical fashion design exhibition in Turkey, which has been conceived and curated by academic and designer Şölen Kipöz in Izmir Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center, Izmir, Turkey, from 18 October to12 November 2012.

Corque Design: a New World Branding for Cork

In April 2009, a new sustainable design brand based on cork – a Mediterranean, sustainable and eco-efficient proved material – was internationally launched during the Milan Design Week. The brand was baptized as Corque Design (Mestre, 2006). The originality of Corque Design remains for being the first–ever launched brand exclusively dedicated to cork and to its application in eco-design products. Hence, it offers a range of high quality furnishing products and accessories carefully designed by prestigious Portuguese designers for people who most value creativity, quality and eco-efficient design (Corque, 2009). The brand has already accomplished several small series production, which have been exhibited and commercialized in the European, American and Asian Markets. Corque Design brand resulted from an applied design research project – Design Cork (Mestre, 2008, 2013) – with a focus on the search for new applications and design solutions based on cork materials and technologies and on strategies and processes that championed the use of creativity and conceptual development towards sustainable product design innovation.

Interview with Vincenzo Castellana

Vincenzo Castellana is an architect, designer, lecturer and co-founder, together with the executive committee of ADI Sicily, the regional delegation of ADI (Association for Italian industrial design).  For several years, he has been conducting activities aimed at the exploitation of local, territorial resources, both as an architect, through works of architectural recovery and as a designer committed to modernizing outdated productions in the territory. Current President of ADI Sicily, Castellana endeavors to establish communication between the world of little production companies and craftsmanship with the young designers from the schools of art and design.Vincenzo Castellana è architetto, designer, docente e socio fondatore, insieme al primo direttivo ADI  Sicilia, della delegazione regionale ADI (Associazione per il disegno industriale italiano). Da anni conduce attività finalizzate alla valorizzazione delle risorse territoriali locali sia come architetto, attraverso interventi di recupero architettonico, sia come designer operando per riattualizzare antiche produzioni sul territorio. Attuale presidente dell’ADI Sicilia, Castellana si pone l’obiettivo di mettere in comunicazione il mondo della piccola azienda e dell’artigianato con quello dei giovani progettisti provenienti dalle scuole d’arte e di design.