Sense of place: sense of tele-place?

Abstract I consider three meanings for a single place, a mid-twentieth century residential suburb at the time of development, the same neighborhood at present day, and an online representation of that constructed landscape. I thus explore both place and tele-place as materialized and understood then and now.  Thinking of the inter-relationships and memories created by… Continua a leggere Sense of place: sense of tele-place?

Design and Entrepreneurship: Palermo in the Liberty age

We are in Palermo, 1899, two relevant characters, such as Ernesto Basile and Vittorio Ducrot, at first glance belonging to distant working fields, meet and clash each other, creating the first partnership between a designer and an entrepreneur in Italy. Instead of the past stylish models, we have now the inspiration from Nature: the vegetable organic strength becomes the model for the development of the ornamental line.Siamo a Palermo, 1899, due figure rilevanti, come quelle di Ernesto Basile e Vittorio Ducrot, in due ambiti lavorativi che sembrano distanti s’incontrano e scontrano, creando uno tra i primi sodalizi in Italia, tra la figura del designer e quella dell’imprenditore. Ai modelli stilistici passati si contrappone ora l’ispirazione alla natura: la forza organica vegetale diviene il modello dello sviluppo della linea ornamentale.