PAD 22 – 2022 June – Vol 15

Fashion and Textile Design Ambivalences EDITORIAL #22 Fashion and Textile Ambivalences by Gianni Montagna & Maria Antonietta Sbordone NEW/OLD ADVANCES Fashion Heritage and the Value of Time. The Dual Role of Archives for Sustainable Acting by Margherita Tufarelli Analysis of Emotional Experience related to Sensory Perception of Woven Textiles based in the UK by Gina Nadal… Continua a leggere PAD 22 – 2022 June – Vol 15

PAD 21 – 2021 December – Vol 14

DESIGN VALUES IN THE MEDITERRANEAN EDITORIAL #21 The Value of Design in the Mediterranean by Andreas Sicklinger, Çiğdem Kaya & Reham Mohsen MAKE Intersections between Design and Science in the Mediterranean Food Landscape by Carla Langella, Gabriele Pontillo & Roberta Angari A Cup of Coffee between Tradition and New Cross-Cultural Experimentations by Irene Caputo, Marco Bozzola, Claudia… Continua a leggere PAD 21 – 2021 December – Vol 14

PAD 20 – 2021 June – Vol 14

FASHION AND TEXTILE DESIGN RECONSTRUCTION EDITORIAL #20 Fashion and Textile Design Reconstruction by Gianni Montagna & Maria Antonietta Sbordone THEORETICAL OVERVIEW The Emergence of Sustainability and the Textile and Fashion Design Education by Sonia Seixas New Trend Landscapes: Coronavirus’ Long-Term Impact on Fashion and Trend Forecasting by Kellie Walters Metamorphic Fashion Design. Nature Inspires New Paths for… Continua a leggere PAD 20 – 2021 June – Vol 14

PAD 19 – 2020 December – vol 13

COMMUNICATION DESIGN APART EDITORIAL #19 By Marinella Ferrara & Francesco E. Guida HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE AND WOMEN (UNDER) REPRESENTATION Beyond Professional Stereotypes. Women Pioneers in the Golden Age of Italian Graphic Design by Francesco E. Guida Missing in Action. Women of Digital Design by Letizia Bollini The First Female Professional Group of Graphic Designers in Catalonia by M. Àngels… Continua a leggere PAD 19 – 2020 December – vol 13

PAD 18 – 2020 June – vol 13

THE WOMEN’S MAKING EDITORIAL #18 The Woman’s Making by Shujun Ban & Marinella Ferrara A BIG PICTURE OF WOMEN’S MAKING The Women’s Making: a Historical Review by Marinella Ferrara & Shujun Ban “What Women Designer Want”. The Female Point of View in the Fashion Creative Process by Vittorio Linfante Women Crafting Today: a Literature Review by Shujun… Continua a leggere PAD 18 – 2020 June – vol 13

PAD 17 – 2019 December – vol 12

LANDSCAPE – ART VS DESIGN EDITORIAL #17 Towards a possible “liquid mapping” by Anna Mazzanti, Politecnico di Milano & Matilde Marzotto, Art Historian, Lookaroundart, Italy guest editors MAPPING THE MEDITERRANEAN. THE DESIGN THIRD SPACE Visual Territories and Communicative Landscapes. Mapping and Configuration of Complex Phenomena by Vincenzo Cristallo & Miriam Mariani, Sapienza University of Rome,… Continua a leggere PAD 17 – 2019 December – vol 12

PAD 16 – 2019 June – vol 12

TOWARDS A NEW AGENDA FOR DESIGN IN THE MEDITERRANEAN REGION EDITORIAL #16 Towards a New Agenda for Design in the Mediterranean Region by Marinella Ferrara and Chiara Lecce, Politecnico di Milano, Italy DESIGN FOR SOCIAL AND ENTEPRENERIAL INNOVATION Design for the Mediterranean Social Inclusion by Emilio Rossi, University of Lincoln & Paola Barcarolo, University of… Continua a leggere PAD 16 – 2019 June – vol 12

PAD 15 – 2018 December – vol 11

RESEARCH ALERT ON MEDITERRANEAN URBAN SPACES AND CULTURAL HERITAGE EDITORIAL #15 Research Alert on Mediterranean Urban Spaces and Cultural Heritage by Marinella Ferrara & Chiara Lecce, Politecnico di Milano, Italy URBAN SPACE ALERT Design Intervention: Understanding Cairo Informal Areas by Jomana G. Attia and Alaa El Anssary, German University in Cairo, Egypt Industrial Waste Management… Continua a leggere PAD 15 – 2018 December – vol 11

PAD 14 – 2018 July – vol 11

REASONS TO RESEARCH IN THE MEDITERRANEAN AREA EDITORIAL #14 Research and Reasoning in the Mediterranean Area by Marinella Ferrara, Politecnico di Milano, Italy A CRITICAL VIEW The Island of the Possible by Barbara Predan, University of Ljubljana; Pekinpah Association and Institute of Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia CONTEMPORARY PANORAMA The development of Circular Economy materials in the Mediterranean:… Continua a leggere PAD 14 – 2018 July – vol 11

PAD 13 – 2017 – vol 10

DESIGN FOR TERRITORIES EDITORIAL #13 Which Design for which Territories? by Marina Parente, Carla Sedini THEORIES AND PRACTICE Design for Territories as reflective practice by Marina Parente Milano, Zona Tortona. Understanding a place branding strategy built upon history, visions and design by Carla Sedini, Luca Fois Design Networking. Local systems of collaborative economies by Maria Antonietta… Continua a leggere PAD 13 – 2017 – vol 10