Design Values in the Mediterranean

If one imagines the countries that border the Mediterranean through culture, trade and long periods of overlapping history, in which even idioms in different regions exchange large numbers of meanings, it must be interesting, on the one hand, to examine the similarities that points to the Design aesthetics and, on the other hand, the differences that objects and textures have shaped with cultural values or traditions. This shows that design practices in all of these areas have always been known, just as architecture leads to interior design and craft leads to products.

While from a trade point of view, the Mediterranean has always been alive to this day, simply by adapting industrial needs and market demands over the centuries, societies living in the same area are divided into two halves, between the north and the south. Exchange of goods and knowledge has been always a strong point of this vast geographic area that has however more in common than in differences, overcoming cultural differences by connecting bridges and sharing of activities.

The organization of daily life is a common need for all: common practices help to melt what is shared, and differences create interest and opportunities to learn from one another. This is the starting point that this call aims to investigate.

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