Opening photo: Roberto Mango, Nuove forme per un’antica ceramica, in Guida, E. (2020). Le ceramiche di Roberto Mango. Continuità di un progetto interrotto. Edizioni Mudi.


Design values in the Mediterranean



active call


28 March 2022

  • Digital Memories

    The pervasiveness of digital technologies and their omnipresence in daily life modify our perception of reality. Besides, they transform the production, transmission and conservation of data, information and knowledge structurally. Design – both as a practice and a disciplinary culture – has always played a direct role and is therefore directly responsible for these mutations and changes at several levels: the design of interfaces, interaction and experience, devices, (smart) products, processes and services. The digital world – understood as an ecosystem encompassing media, channels, devices and touchpoints with their languages, experiences, use and functions – tends to flatten the relationship we have with both short and long-term memory.

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