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Underneath the sun / Ana Perković

As we were walking one sunny afternoon, he suddenly stopped and said: “You know, when I was little, I observed the world around me much better… I remember I could see amazing things, always when my mother would take me for a walk. Then my eyes were constantly directed upwards, while I was watching her face and listening to her stories. In this “upper world“ I have seen a lot of windows and very soon became fascinated with colourful jalousines, fantasizing about who is hiding behind… I was so curious about life…”. It happened again one of these days…, sunny and beautiful, as if it was calling you: “Come out and enjoy!!!” I decided to take a walk to the old town. It was impossible to avoid crowd and very soon I got tired… But I went on and suddenly found myself in Vestibul. I was there thousands of times, but that day for the first time I’ve spontaneously, subconsciously raised my head up. In a second, I remembered what he told me and felt enormous blessing. I saw us in this two windows, illuminated by the sunlight… I realized I was happy, I’ve learnt to see…

Born in Karlovac, Croatia, in 1983. Graduate from Industrial design at School of design, University of Zagreb, Croatia in 2008. From 2008, she was employed as lighting designer at company Ortoforma.

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