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Torri dell’Acqua / Francesca Speranza

International Design Contest 2010


The romantic vision of communicating vessels that connect the land to sea in search of a constant balance. Photographic survey on water towers between Puglia and Calabria, built by the first ‘900 to solve the water shortage. Fascinating and varied presence located throughout the area that hold water, as simple as indispensable resource for then redistribute the land, imposing buildings which, with their communicating vessels, seem to strike a balance between land and sea.

Dimensions: 30 X 30 cm. Materials: lambda print. Technical realization: digital photography.

Born in Cisternino (BR), Italy, in 1978, Francesca Speranza is an artist and a photographer. Ms. Speranza graduated from IED in Rome in 2001 as an Interior Designer and from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce as a Decorator in 2007. Since then, Francesca Speranza has matured her passion for photography, tied up in an intimate connection with the territory and its people. She loves strong contrasts both in the choice of subjects and in the chromatic tones of her images. Ms. Speranza participates in many shows and events as an artist, and occasionally as a curator.

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