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U.manifesto. Design, the Island and the real Community

(Italiano) Questo articolo descrive il senso, i punti programmatici e i risultati fino ad oggi ottenuti dall’attività di sviluppo della pratica di design condotta da Luigi Patitucci in collaborazione con un folto gruppo di designer nella regione orientale della Sicilia. Quest’attività si fonda sul coinvolgimento di aziende, design e istituzione al manifesto dal titolo U.manifesto.

Interview with Vincenzo Castellana

(English) Vincenzo Castellana is an architect, designer, lecturer and co-founder, together with the executive committee of ADI Sicily, the regional delegation of ADI (Association for Italian industrial design).  For several years, he has been conducting activities aimed at the exploitation of local, territorial resources, both as an architect, through works of architectural recovery and as a designer committed to modernizing outdated productions in the territory. Current President of ADI Sicily, Castellana endeavors to establish communication between the world of little production companies and craftsmanship with the young designers from the schools of art and design.

Interview with Vincent

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Alessandro Squatrito. New reality for old locations

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Eleonora Majorana. conDUCImi

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Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo. Architecture

(English) Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo, a Sicilian born in Vittoria, receives the Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement at the Triennale di Milano. A life in the Sicily of the carob, the Western borderline of the Iblea area where boundaries between lands are marked by low, dry stonewalls. She grew professionally in Turin in the 80’s, working alongside Mario Merz, Alighiero Boetti, Pierpaolo Calzolari and other among the most innovative artists of the international scene.  Recently tributed one of the most prestigious career awards for an architect and hasting to move on to the next designer project.

‘Sicilia’. One, no one and one hundred thousand Sicilies

(English) Sicilia is a magazine that still has much to tell and teach, in its absolute visionariness so constantly hovering between being a Sicilian, and even more viscerally a Palermitan magazine and being an international, contemporary, multilingual, experimental and forward- looking magazine. Sicilia, without fear of being accused of unnecessary and exaggerated local pride, deserves a much more in-depth study than has been done so far, through a careful analysis conducted in the different subjects involved in the folds of its pages. Here we will try to deepen its study, analyzing the magazine as a complex graphic artifact, through the lens of visual communication design, the discipline that will help us to investigate its concept, its development, its evolution and above all its constant experimentation.