Studio Itai Bar-On

Owner: Itai e Aharon Bar On

Brand/ start up name: Studio Itai Bar-On

Product: Coating, furniture and lighting systems made to measure, especially made of concrete.

Type of organization: Family firm.

Partners: CEO Aviram Bar On; assembling responsible: Idan Bar On

When and how did the project originate?  I had the idea while I was studying Industrial Design at university; it was my final dissertation project. My father owns a building company and we always had concrete sacks at the back of our house. During a course at the Shenkar College of Engineering & Design I used the concrete and fell in love with it. I liked to create a clash, a conceptual clash, between soft and hard.

How much did you invest to start the company? 60.000,00 Euros.

Who invested the money? The Keren Shemesh Fund for young entrepreneurs. Obviously I also put in my own savings and my father helped me, too.

How far have you gone with the project? With time and experience I got to know the matter in depth and I tried to push it beyond its performance limits. Recently I developed a special technology for curvy handicrafts in concrete mortar that I presented at the last Salone del Mobile di Milano, in the Ventura area.

When did you understand that the project had overcome the ideational phase and had become a product? After a year of development and economical investment I felt I was ready to go out in the market as a designer with my products.

Has there been a moment when you wanted to give up? As we are a young firm and this is a difficult time, there are moments of crisis. But this is the destiny of those who choose to be independent. I would have never given up my project.

What is your advice for young design entrepreneurs? My advice to the young and ambitious entrepreneurs is to stay faithful to their ‘beliefs’ and never stop working hard. Never listen to those who try to demoralize you or who do not encourage you.

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