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Onde|Waves / Luca Pantorno

Mediterraneity is harmony of simple shapes, curvilinear, that creates elementary but complex universes. It’s empty’s wideness, it’s optic full of images, big elements or mosaic’s of little things. These are the main themes in this project. I’ve choose to represent Mediterranean identity through a set of illustrations that refers to the mediterraneity concept. With the single letters of the word “mediterraneo” it’s possible to make, indeed, a lot of words, very significant for the main theme and the goal of this project, like nido (nest), eterno (eternal), enorme (huge), mete (aims), remare (to row), ondate (waves). The words I’ve choose underline twice the belonging to the concept, not only in a physical and grammatical way, but even the figurative one, that is in the collective and historical imagination of the peoples that live that places, and lived in it, helping to increase the cultural vaues. In this way, it happens a sort of a game, between material and immaterial, that takes the observer to wonder and to get a sense of the meaning that those words have to the Mediterranean people. Onde (waves) it’s the name of the project, Mediterranean sea’s waves, indeed, the sea that connects physically and symbolically, the lands but even people and their cultures.
Graphically speaking, it’s solved by curvilinear signs, waves in fact, that links different letters inside the word “mediterraneo” making different words. Clearly linked to Giovanni Pintori, exactly to a work of him, 1953, to the promotion of “Olivetti Lettera 22”. The connection is not random, Giovanni Pintori, in fact was born in Sardinia. The posters which have different formats could have the following dimensions: besides a series of declination of those posters are thought to do brochure, about to communication, events scheduled by the development program.

Degree in Industrial Design, University of Palermo (2008/09). Study Design of visual communications and multimedia IUAV University of Venice. He has participated in advanced training course in “Brand dei sistemi territoriali” at the Politecnico di Milano.

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