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Novum / Anıl Ahmet Asal

In ancient times, amphora was used for transportation of fluids such as olive oil, wine; over time it has become the symbol of Mediterranean production and consumption. Amphora has brought both commercial trade and cultural exchange. Amphora reflects the Mediterranean lifestyle and complex communication. Amphora’s form of transportation and storage has been the inspiration for a new generation product and services. “Novum” is a source of energy from which you can charge your phone, mp3 player, camera which are becoming essential products in today’s society. Novum has also mobile cooling abilities used for the storage of goods and perishables in outside conditions essential for Mediterranean living. “Novum‘s” outer shell is produced with PVC. It is coated with icepack to provide an inner surface which isolates the inner air from outside variables. “Novum” has an optional replaceable mechanism to stand on different circumstances such as soft and hard surfaces. Because of its portability and various functions it makes our lives so much easier…it could be used in the garden, by the seaside or in your home.“Novum” has been created in the same vein as an amphora to facilitate the usage trade, storage and transportation of many modern day appliances.

Anıl Ahmet Asal was born in 1989, in Istanbul. After he had graduated from primary school and high school, he decided to continued his education on the field of interior design. He has still continued his education in the Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University, Interior Design departmen, since 2007.

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