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Metro project / Alice Pedroletti

International Design Contest 2010


The project was born as a visual-linguistic proposal. The goal is to carry out and achieve free, unrestrained communication through a 1 km installation of pictures, where each image draws on the meaning of the entire piece. They are not only single entities but part of a whole. Most of the images will be produced with the purpose of creating free, open dialogue. As if each one of them was a word that when put together with other ones forms a train of thought or a story being told. The physical movement of the viewer passing in front of the fixed images, as opposed to viewers’ non-movement in relation to the subject (as in video), allows for the spectators to participate actively: free to live, to create or to understand what they find presented in front of their eyes. Attention is not focused only on the meaning of the images but rather on the user-installation relationship. The human being-environment relationship is at the center of photographic research. Through the images the theme of death, invasion, remains and pollution of human beings in the territory is dealt with. It is a presence-not presence that appears through the narration. The objects we create or abandon in order to celebrate the memory of people end up resembling nature itself. Our continuous returning to the earth really strikes me: in all cases nature predominates, reclaiming everything with extreme elegance and power. We surround ourselves with memories and objects to not feel so alone or maybe to feel just as powerful and able to dominate what comes from it and where we will return to eventually. In writing 1 km of images I’m building a process similar to how a book is created: aspects are many and varied and must be described in long visual sentences. So I started making different footages to then arrive at just one big piece for the installation.

I’m a conceptual visual artist. I use photography and installation. My art research is based on the relationship between human being, environment, emotions and time. “Images as ways to understand and express reality”: the fusion between people, objects and places
and the flat perspectives in my photographs, they help me to build a still-reality where emotions are cold and perfect. Single images, where a single story can be discovered, or sequences of images where a concept can be well-explained. I try to use photography to communicate, as a language. I’ve made work and personal experiences traveling around (USA, France, Great Britain) working as self-taught photographer or on assignments.
I’m born and grown-up in Milan where I still live and work as photographer and visual artist.
I’ve worked also, for five years and after a EU special degree, as production assistant of cultural events especially to practice languages that I’ve studied at school (English, Spanish, French) and to
understand how is working with different people in different life situations.

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