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Mediterranean between space and time / Aurore Martignoni

The link between these shots is a metaphor of coexistence of the forms of time. In front of us, past, present and future occur simultaneously, each in their original form. The forms are numerous and their interpretation becomes the theme of this photographic research. The objective focuses on seemingly insignificant details but if we dig deep into these details they show how the Mediterranean society is changing.There is, in fact, a co-existence of what appears impossible to coexist: the forms of time exist side to side, one into the other one, each with its own character and peculiarities.That ‘s what I wanted to tell through my pictures: the Mediterranean is intentionally represented both as a place and as a moment. Because Mediterranean is synonymous of cultures, traditions, languages, religions and people, all different between them. But at the same time it is a meeting of the opposites. A union. I also investigated time in its landscape and mentality transformations. The Mediterranean areas are more and more crowded and its coastlines assaulted by constructions in progress. In these new Mediterranean scenarios traces of the past always coexist. With a few shots I tried to make past, present and future coexisting, showing the evolution of design culture in the Mediterranean. The project begins with a ghostly vision of Hvar (Croatia), it is the only picture that shows human figure, which is the engine of all transformations; then it goes to Greece where the bottle of Coca-Cola becomes an object of design and is quite indistinguishable from the typical architecture; always in Greece I attend the “wild-new” construction on the coast that were harsh in the past; the photo-project continues with the coexistence of ancient and modern architecture; and to conclude a culinary tradition that, from my point of view becomes a highly aesthetic gesture.

Born in Belgium in 1979, she graduated in journalism at the University of Brussels (ULB). Aurore Martignoni has quickly become interested in image and its meanings while studying journalism as well as during her partnerships with press and television. The passion for photography has quickly turned into practice that enriched her work. With a “reportage” style she expresses herself relying on a artistical development but always puts the documentary rigor in the foreground. She lives in Bologna and worked all over the world. She now collaborates with “Tam Tam” image agency from Milan and with the Tuscany Photographic Workshop (
“Photography for me is the way of communication that I mostly use to convey emotions. I think that it is the best human attitude to communicate with others. Photography speaks to the eyes but above all to the minds”.

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