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Mediterranean Fun / Ali Zogheib

International Design Contest 2010

Third Prize

To capture the moment and freeze the Mediterranean time. Bordering 3 continents “in the middle of earth” as named in latin, the Mediterranean sea is known as being the carving ground for most ancient human civilization. It has by far had the most influence on human history and world cultures and heritage. It has provided man with trade routes, occupations, food, salt, purple dye for trade, transport means, but mostly cultural and historical connections. This sea has been present for thousands of years, yet one can imagine that some activities along its coast have never changed, and were not affected by all the cultural and civilizations’ exchange throughout the years. I can imagine youngsters diving into the Mediterranean sea today, thousands of years ago, or a thousand year to come; in the eyes of the beholder it will always be the same jump, into the same sea.

The picture was taken in Lebanon, at the coast of Tyr, a very ancient city on the Mediterranean, best known for its Tyrian purple dye or the imperial dye produced by the Phoenicians.The picture was taken with a Sony Alpha 700 DSLR camera with a 75-300 mm zoom lens, at 140 mm, 1/500 sec, F13, ISO 200The picture was cropped and divided into three sections laid on one sheet to tell a never ending story, that of a great sea.

Studied Computer and Communication Engineering at the American University of Beirut. Amateur photographer.

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