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The Mediterranean Emergency / Fabio Soana

The project consist in 4 conceptual and graphic proposals of visual design (photo editing and vector drawing using some graphic software). The mission is to sensitize the public opinion about the problems of the Mediterranean Sea and to prevent the collapse of the ecosystem.
The Mediterranean Sea is 1% of Earth’s oceans, and it preserves about 17,000 marine species. The overfishing, the urban increase and pollution of coastal areas are changing the scenarios of life of this environmental and historical heritage. The Bluefin tuna, an important predator in the food chain could become extinct by 2012. The economic interests of some nations have forced the EU to abandon plans to reduce the annual fishing quotas.The fishing, at present, should be limited or suspended, in order to recover the marine population. Sustainable fisheries and a responsible fish consumption should be developed, as well as a network of marine reserves.The “spadare” fishnet, used to catch swordfish, trap also a lot of dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, mammals, seabirds, etc. Although they were banned by the UN and the EU, and have been spending millions of Euros for their “conversion”, are still widely used in the Mediterranean and are destroying many natural habitats. The Pollution, the commercial shipping, the coastal urbanization and the illegal waste are ruining the ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea. Some toxic substances like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. cause not only a lot of risks for the sea life, but also for the human health. The Overfishing by some multinational companies, that is a threat to the balance of ecosystems, has already led to the collapse of some zone, with implications not only for the fish stocks, but also causing thousands of unemployed and developing the phenomenon of “pirate fishing”, that use”flags of convenience” to deceive the international laws.

Fabio Soana (Italy, 1985), born in Milan. Novice designer, graduate in artistic design for enterprises (B.A.) at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, and currently student of Product Design (Master). Open-minded designer, interested in design (product, interior, exhibition, graphic, visual), contemporary art, photography and music. Dreams: to work for the design and the social, environmental and actuality.

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