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Marea Nera Propaganda / Ryts Monet (Enrico De Napoli)

The project it has been presented in juncture of Fondazione Claudio Buziol residency programme. The theme of the works of art realized refer to the colossal and terrific oil disaster occurred in Mexico Gulf on 20 April 2010, which involved the explosion of an offshore platform near Venice, Louisiana. The start of the calamity has coincided exactly with the beginning of the artists’ residences and it has last entirely for the three-month period of them. The endeavour of the artist, in this case, was to spread propaganda poster – as a form of guerrilla marketing – creating for the Black Tide event many images with an ironic language to evoke the consequences of BP’s oil disaster. Hence, Ryts Monet, covered Venice with recycled posters of a car wash belonging to a famous oil multinational company. So, a rich photographic documentation shows the deed and its consequences in the city.
Afterward, The British Petroleum oil venture, responsible of Luisiana disaster, has said some months ago: quickly we will start to drill the well depths of the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the coast of Sicily.


My artist name is Ryts Monet, I’m living end working in Venice. I was born in Bari on May 5th 1982, I’m graduated at IUAV University of Venice in Visual Comunications and Multimedia in 2011. I’m intrested in contemporary art, graphic deisign and silkscreen.

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