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Just add water / Boris Shpeizman

International Design Contest 2010
Visual Design

Third Prize

Countries and nations living around Mediterranean Sea are very different in their culture, traditions and religion. However there are few universal factors of existence which are similar to all of them and affecting the day-to-day living. This factor is fresh water. Actually low supply of the fresh water.Hydroponics is one of the easiest solutions to solve this problem. Hydroponics allows not only save water but to extend borders of economy to design. Proposed design of a plant pot allows to the viewer not only to view the green lush leaves of the tree but also its amazing root system which is actually the most important part of any plant. My main material is glass blowing. I constantly search for a ways to combine traditional glass blowing with contemporary art and design.

Dr. Boris Shpeizman was born in Leningrad, USSR where he finished Dental School. While working as a dentist, he started to paint and sculpture. He studied ceramics and glass design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and received BFA in 2005. Upon graduation, Boris closed his dental clinic to devote his time to glass blowing.
Shpeizman currently works as an independent artist in his studio in Tel Aviv and lectures at the Bezalel Academy. He has received prestigious, international scholarships. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Israel, England, France, Germany and the USA.

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