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Il gioco dell’oca mediterranea / Giorgio Skoff

Patrizia Carlucci, Gabriella Lo Re, Raffaele Sansonetti

International Design Contest 2010
Visual Design

Third Prize

This “Gioco dell’Oca” version represents a didactic trail for those who are preparing to play, to discover or rediscover the news, who made the history of the countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This ancient game born as a wisdom and initiatory path, made by those who wants to know.
It’s important to remember that the goose was an animal held in high esteem by Mediterranean populations. The Etruscans sailed the Mediterranean with the prows of their vessels shaped as head and neck’s goose, for others it was the symbol the Great Mother of Universe and all “living”. For us this game represents an arduous path full of obstacles, one starts from a condition of conflict and violence to arrive at positive solutions, understanding between peoples. A path of transformation full of hope, so that all the peoples bordering the Mediterranean can read a chance for peace. It wants to invite to positive behaviours, in fact in the game the winner is not the one who arrives first but who makes a virtuous path. An important instrument of the game are the icons. The icons serve to visually enhance and customize the way, leading players as they were street signs. A feature of the icons is immediacy, that is the capacity to communicate an understandable message; so every event category is combined with an essential sign those characteristics are: simplicity, recognizability immediacy.

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