Gaga & Design

Owner: Yaacov Kaufman, retired design professor at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem; Avi Bourla (over 50) furniture importer and owner of furniture shop Primitive in Tel Aviv.
Brand/start up name: Gaga & Design
Product: Contemporary furniture for interiors and exteriors.

Type of organization: Design start-up. The project studio is in Tel Aviv and the production in Indonesia. Yaacov Kaufman is one of the most famous Israeli designers. He collaborates with the main European furniture and lighting systems producers and he mentored several generations of young designers at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem.

When and how did the project originate?  We started developing our products in 2007. The first collection was exhibited in 2010. Our first customers were retailers such as Tollmanís in Israel or Pesch and Leptien 3 in Germany.

Who invested the money?  Self-funding

Has there been a moment when you wanted to give up? We’ll exhibit our new collection with the designers Tal Gur, Rami Tareef and Neil Nenner at the IMM fair in Cologne in January 2013. For us it’ll be the third participation to an international trade fair.

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