Owner: Gal Ben Arav, industrial designer laureato alla Bezalel Academy of Art & Design (34 anni).

Brand/ start up name: Freshdesign

Product: Sustainable urban furniture in limited series.

Type of organization: Individual firm.

When and how did the project originate? My production was born out of my final dissertation project. The bamboo bench was inspired by a historical photo of the place near which I grew up, the Híahula marsh. The marsh there used to be drained with big bamboo sheaves.

When did you understand that the project had overcome the ideational phase and had become a product? At the beginning I used fresh green bamboo, and I realized that when the bamboo dries up its volume diminishes. Therefore the structure where the bench legs are joined with the bamboo became instable. In order to solve this problem I chose to use black dried bamboo, which besides making the bench more stable, it gives an elegant touch.

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