Food couture

Food Couture photo-collage exhibition was displayed within the “Agrindustrial 2012” congress’s exhibitions (26-28 April 2012, İzmir University of Economics). This exhibition showcases 23 works, including photographs drawn from some selected academic profiles. The exhibition has been brought together on the work of Dilek Himam’s designs, Argun Tanrıverdi’s photographs, Jörn Fröhlich’s visual display and concept designs, Şölen Kipöz’s and Gökhan Mura’s conceptual framework. 20 portrait photos of people with their distinctive food and fashion taste are represented with photo collages of customised and wearable food.  The eclectic designs made of the fresh and delicious parts of the fruits and vegetables push the limits towards sustaining the spectacle while presenting an attitude towards clothing. The dramatization of the portraits and the cultural codes help the construction of the design scenario.  The unpretentious and ecological second part consists of the clothes made of pieces of fruits and vegetables that are not used or thrown away. The imperfect deconstructive aesthetic created by using those materials, which actually help protecting the ecological balance when used correctly, points an attitude towards freedom and purification from fashionable clothes.

About the author(s):

Şölen Kipöz is professor of Izmir University of Economics, Department of Fashion and Textile Design

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