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Diseño activista en España. Una breve historia contemporánea


The political culture of the majority of the Spanish people during Franco’s era was marked by distrust and indifference. At the end of the 1960’s, however, interest on political matters grew thanks, to a great extent, to an increasing discontent with the regime and greater support for democracy by the people. The change in attitudes continued being observed during the years of the Transition. After this stage, Spaniards fell in a phase of disenchantment. By 1982, with the arrival of the Socialists to power, there were some signs of recovery. However, over the decade and during the 1990s was the growing mistrust and sense of political impotence that, at present, are one of the main features of Spanish political culture. Against this background, during the 1990s has been a growing social and political activism outside the legally recognized parties, which has been strongly linked with a broad spectrum of artistic and design practices.

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Professor of History, Theory and Criticism of Design at University of Barcelona.

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