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Crossroads / Massimiliano Gatti

International Design Contest 2010

Second Prize

Today, more than ever, humanity finds itself at a crossroads. A road leads to absolute despair, and the other to total extinction. We pray God to give us the wisdom to make the correct choice. (Woody Allen)

The crossroads is a metaphor for the dilemma that leads to a choice between two paths, two directions between two decisions. The cataloging of the work “Crossroads” tells it all this, but in a broader and more ambitious sense: each intersection, immortalized in an unspecified Middle East and somehow archetypal, signifies the crucial point during a journey through history of a momentous date: September 11, 2001. A date that marks a before and after in world history, a watershed date that has suspended the inertia of the time and place in front of a human choice, and social policy has become detached from the collective: the whole Western world found himself having to call into question his relationship with the Arab world has always been complicated and conflicted, mutual misunderstanding and hostility substantial. “Crossroads” is not strictly work on communication, but on the communicability, a communication potential: each crossing is a symbol of a point of no return from which is facing two ways: the continuous supply of a climate of hatred and tension, or a drive towards a progressive cultural openness that would result from the clash at the meeting.
15 photographs 2009/2010, 40×50 cm, Fine art injet print on Dibond.

Massimiliano Gatti is born in Italy in 1981. In 2006 he graduated in Pharmacy and worked in scientiic research for the University of Granada (Spain). In 2008 he graduated in photography at the CFP Bauer in Milan and collaborated with the photographer Paola De Pietri. In 2010, after his first personal exhibition “From zero to hero” at the Rojo gallery in Milan he followed his photographic research in a project of artist residence in Stills, Scotland’s centre for photography, in Edinburgh (Scotland). He works as photographer in the archaeological mission in Qatna (Tell Mishrifeh, Siria). He lives and works between Milan, Damascus and Edinburgh.

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