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Chapeau / Walter Giovanniello

Chapeau wants to emphasize the peculiarities and technical characteristics of a typical Mediterranean and peasant culture: the weaving of rush and wicker. A technique, which like all the hand-made techniques, as well as its production of useful items and never trivial, carries with it a true life philosophy and a social attitude. It is impossible to watch a wicker basket and do not imagine the rest: a farmer in front of his door as he weaves. And from this scene that you can imagine: the mediterranean culture. I believe that today one of the possible paths for updating a craft technique, is to contextualize the objects produced by it, create new usage scenarios, so that those objects have reason for being. In this way, chapeau, is a little provocation for the future, an attempt to think of an object connected to a new usage scenarios for introducing a scene that still lives in the collective imagination, but almost obsolete in reality: a woman with a basket on his head.

I was Born in Trevico (AV) in the 1984. I studied design in Florence, Milan and Turin. Actually, I am a freelance product designer. My vision: I often search for collaborations with other designers, friends, strangers to the “design” and those Without curriculum designers, to pursue projects with other people gives new ideas, it makes me look at things from other perspectives. Simultaneously the ongoing collaborations I proceed to develop my vision of creating Design personal projects, I try to take the form of prototypes discovering artisan who makes things. I’m interested in the craft and the human hand behind the project. In other cases, I offer my product ideas directly to companies. The competitions are the best “training” for my design technique. I like identification, see the “things” through the eyes of those who would use, through the eyes of those who should produce and who should sell. However, no effort of my creativity, project should be as spontaneous as possible.

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