Call for submissions

Call for articles | Pad#14
Insularity: Islands and Isolation
editor: Fedja Vukić
deadline: 1th October 2016

Insularity: Islands and Isolation

Call for articles
We invite submissions of original research papers on the topic of design and arts, and related disciplines, in the Mediterranean countries. Papers should be well-argued, thought-provoking and relevant to the main aims of the journal and offer substantial contributions to current research.
Submissions are welcome any time.
Suitable manuscripts are usually published within 4 to 8 months from submission.
Please send your submission, including complete manuscript and abstract both in English, and contact details, to the e-mail
We look forward to your contributions!

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Peer Review Process
After the submission of an article proposal related to a call, the Editor-in-Chief and/or Associate Editors determines the suitability of the paper for the journal. The Editor-in-Chief is authorized to render an immediate “reject” decision on manuscripts without review if the proposal is unsuitable or inappropriate.
If the submission is approved, the Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editor will assign the paper to two anonymous reviewers to assess its strengths and weaknesses. Reviewers make recommendations on the suitability of the manuscript for the journal based on several criteria, e.g., appropriateness for the journal and its readership. Reviewers are normally drawn from the Editorial Panel but in some cases external reviewers will be sought if particular expertise is required.

Reviewers do not render final decisions; only the editors can make such decisions.

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International Call for Creative People
PAD is seeking for young creative from the Mediterranean countries who are interested in having their work published on the journal, in the reportage section.

This is the goal of the Call for Creative People, for the publication of a reportage by images (6 to 20 projects, with images in jpg, minimum resolution 600x700px).

A jury formed on purpose within PAD will choose the works to be published.

The call has no expiration and is open to all creative, single or collective authors, from 18 to 35, of any Mediterranean nationality, without restrictions in topic or technique.
Send your proposal to:

Last call for articles | Pad#13
Design for Territories
editors: Marina Parente, Carla Sedini
extended deadline: 6th June 2016

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