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PAD 13 – 2017 – vol 10

Selected projects in the ADI Design Index 2017 for the section “Theoretical, historical, critical research and publishing projects”.

Editorial #13
Which Design for which Territories?
Marina Parente, Carla Sedini

01 Theories and Practices

Design for Territories as reflective practice
Marina Parente
Milano, Zona Tortona. Understanding a place branding strategy built upon history, visions and design
Carla Sedini, Luca Fois
Design Networking. Local systems of collaborative economies
Maria Antonietta Sbordone
Social oriented design for disused buildings. The case study of MR
Marco Borsotti, Sonia Pistidda

02 Tangible and Intangible

Envision the nocturnal territory: Urban lighting as a design strategy for the recovery of places
Helena Gentili, Daria Casciani
À propos du Master 3D, Tunis 2013-17. Artisanat, design et territoire. La civilisation matérielle au pluriel
Anna Calvera, Debora Giorgi, Yosser Halloul, Insaf Khaled, Rosa Povedano
Territory and Aesthetic as tools for product design
José Luis González Cabrero, Ana Margarita Ávila Ochoa
The social representation of a territory
Letizia Bollini
Wayfinding Systems and Street Sign Design for the public streets and pedestrian areas of Egypt
Reham Mohsen, Andreas Sicklinger

03 Competition and Collaboration

A quality label for temporary reuse. Co-design practices
Raffaella Fagnoni, Silvia Pericu
Mapping the territory for cultural development. The methodological assumptions of Artificio Project
Rossana Gaddi
CampUS: co-designing spaces for urban agriculture with local communities
Davide Fassi, Laura Galluzzo, Annalinda De Rosa
The relevance of participation in the Systemic Design Approach for Rural Development
Miriam Bicocca

04 Suggestions for Design

Photo by Carla Sedini


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